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From the Desk of Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos - Basic Car 7A1 - Published January 27, 2014

The following crime trends are from 1/19/14 through 1/25/14 which included a total of 7 reported crimes.

Burgalry from Motor Vehicle:

On 1/22/14 at approximately 10:55 am a BFMV occurred at 314 N. Vista St. The victim parked his vehicle in the alley way with tools unsecure in rear of truck. Unknown suspect drove behind victim, removed property-tools and fled from the location. No suspect description.

On 1/23/14 at approximately 12:45 pm a BFMV occurred at Vista St & Melrose Ave. An unknown suspect used a hard tool to smash drivers side rear window of victims vehicle. Suspect entered the vehicle and took her property-purse, wallet, credit cards, checks and fled. No suspect description.

Reminder: Don't Be a Victim of An Auto -Related Property Crime! LOCK IT- A reminder to always lock your vehicle. HIDE IT- If you must leave valuables in the vehicle, hide them from plain sight. KEEP IT- A positive reminder that personal responsibility can safeguard your valuables from theft.

The Top Items Stolen from Vehicles: GPS Devices, Cell Phones/ Chargers, Money, Stereos/ Radios, Documents, Mail and Check books.


On 1/24/14 at approximately 12:00 pm a robbery occurred at 459 N. Edinburgh Ave. Suspect entered the victim residence through rear unlocked french doors. The suspect ransacked the residence then removed property-computer, money, electronics and fled. No suspect description


On 1/21/14 at approximately 10:00 pm a commercial burglary occurred at 7709 Melrose Ave- Nail City. Suspects used unknown method to gain access into business and removed property- laptop computer, money, equipment and fled. No suspect description.

On 1/22/14 at approximately 3:00 pm a residential burglary occurred at 800 N. Harper Ave. Suspects entered victims garage attached to residence by bodily force. While suspect was inside victims vehicle, the victim approached. Suspect fled with property. The suspect was described as a male, white, brown hair, blue eyes, 6'00. 150 pounds, 20 years of age.

Grand Theft Auto:

There was (1) cars reported stolen during this period.

On 1/21/2014 at approximately 9:00 am, a green 2009 Toyota RAV4 was stolen from Martel & Willoughby.

Grand Theft Person:

On 1/24/14 at approximately 1:00 am, the victim was at 755 N. La Cienega Blvd sitting with her purse beside her left thigh when an unknown suspect took her property and fled. No suspect description given.


Beware in the last couple of weeks, there has been an increase in burglaries of residences under construction. Suspects are taking tools from the construction sites. A great deterent is using motion lights, surveillance cameras and secure equipment and the location.

Art Gallegos

Senior lead Officer


Basic Car 7A1

Suspect Arrested Connected To Area Mystery Of Dead Body Found In Abandoned Car in 2012

From WEHO NEWS....

Mexican media is reporting that the police have arrested the main homicide suspect in connection with the killing of Steve John Simmons, whose body was found on the border of West Hollywood in an advanced stage of decomposition in his half-brother’s car.

The owner of that Escalade, Jacob Ryan Anthonisen, 38 years old, was captured in late October, 2013 in Ensenada by agents of the Mexican State Preventive Police (PEP) as the main suspect in the murder.

He was transferred to Costa Mesa to stand trial for burglary along with fellow suspects Brent Anthony Buckner and Jonathon Thomas White.

Jacob Ryan Anthonisen, 38 years old, was captured in late October, 2013 in Ensenada by agents of the Mexican State Preventive Police (PEP) as the main suspect in the murder of his half brother, Steven John Simmons (Atkins).

Mr. Simmons’ badly decomposed body was discovered on Saturday, June 9, near Willoughby Avenue and North Genesee Avenue in the Fairfax district across the street from West Hollywood.

Steven John Simmons, also known as Steven Simmons Atkin, died of a gunshot wound to the chest and was left in a Cadillac SUV on the WeHo/LA border.

The body was so badly decomposed that the coroner’s office found it difficult to identify the remains at first, indicating that the corpse had been wrapped in the blanket in the back of the Cadillac SUV in which it was found for some time.

Coroner’s records showed that the victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Subsequent investigation by LAPD Homicide detectives discovered that the SUV belonged to Jacob Anthonisen, Mr. Simmons’ stepbrother.

Mr. Anthonisen had last been heard from over a week before the discovery of the corpse.

According to the criminal complaint, the trio attempted to burglarize the home of Michael L. on May 28, 2012, and “secreted a motorcycle belonging to homicide victim Steven A. (Atkins) with the specific intent to obstruct ongoing police investigation into the burglary and attempted a residential robbery and homicide which took place on May 30, 2012, in Costa Mesa.”

Steven John Simmons was last known to have lived in Running Springs, a small community next to Big Bear.

Mr. Anthonisen was a Hollywood/West Hollywood denizen who owned the Peanut Gallery, an art gallery with a presence in Los Angeles and New York.

Mr. Anthonisen presented himself on Facebook and Twitter as a man about town posting Instagram photos of Lindsay Lohan and pop artist Mickey Avalon and, in another picture, with Mike Tyson.

The victim, Steven John Simmons, had a criminal past, having robbed a Nevada bank using a pistoland was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term.

Many details emerged after journalists took a look into Mr. Anthonisen’s and Mr. Simmons’ past, including both having been ex-cons.

Jacob Anthonisen served time in an Arizona penitentiary for possession of a half-pound of marijuana, gaining release in 2005.

Later that same year, in November, 2007, his step-brother, Steven John Simmons, robbed a Nevada bank using a pistol and was sentenced in 2007 to a 16-year prison term.

He was displeased with the sentence, and appealed the sentencing to the Nevada Supreme Court, where he lost.

He was eligible for parole after serving 60 months of that sentence, so with time off for good behavior and time served, he was released in late 2010 says the Nevada State Department of Corrections’ web site.

Mr. Simmons' step-brother, Jacob Anthonisen, has been missing since at least a week before the body was found in his vehicle.

At the time of his arrest for bank robbery, Mr. Simmons was making a living as a snowboarder in a snow park in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Initially, Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide Detective Frank Carrillo told WeHo News that the case had been “turned over to another law enforcement agency in Orange County.”

He said that, because the investigation “turned up ties to Costa Mesa, LAPD began to share info with that police force.”

Subsequently, those “ties” became strong enough for Costa Mesa Police Department Homicide detectives to take over.

The ties? “We came to believe as part of our investigation that the killing took place in Costa Mesa,” said Detective Carrillo.

Apparently, Mr. Simmons was shot in the Orange County city and his body transported to the border of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Det. Carrillo would not say how much time elapsed between the killing and the transportation of the victim’s body, nor did he have any updates from Costa Mesa PD.

In the LA Times article about the homicide, Mr. Simmons’ mother, Candace Simmons, made note of the Costa Mesa connection with these thoughts.

“Someone who posted on line [that] they were going to be out of town for weekend and was a friend of Steven Simmons’ missing step-brother [Jacob Anthonisen].

“Then was posted at later date they didn’t go out of town, but awoke to someone in his house and he shot them in the chest but they got away.

“The man was said to live in Costa Mesa and made a 911 call to report it.

“Some think it might of been my son, [as] someone had to be with him because [I] can’t see anyone being able to drive from Costa Mesa to WeHo after being shot.


No charges of homicide have yet come down from the O.C. District Attorney's office, although the burglary and other felony charges have been filed.  

Melrose Action's Story of this incident is below...

Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch + LAPD Wilshire National Night Out Huge Success! Thank You Supporters and Neighbors!


MELROSE ACTION NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and The Los Angeles Police Department WILSHIRE COMMUNITY POLICE STATION presented our 5th annual National Night Out at Poinsettia Park. It was a tremendous success! Together with our great community partners -- nearly 1000 people attended... For photos of the event, please visit our Instagram page, follow us on Instagram @melroseaction.  

Thank You to Blu Jam Café, Pink's Hot Dogs, Target, MCW, City of Los Angeles Million Trees Program, Wilshire Community Police Council, Urban Garden Mediterranean Kitchen, Maison Richard, Muscle Mechanics LA, Adventure Boot-camp,  Hatzolah Emergency Services,  Forever Fido Pet Adoptions, Eloise Rescue, City of Los Angeles Animal Services, Neil Loden of John Aaroe, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and more!!!  


THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS & SPONSORS - Council Member Paul Koretz' Office, City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, and the WILSHIRE LAPD and STAFF – especially Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos, Sgt AJ Kirby, Commanding Officer and Captain Eric Davis, and the Wilshire Cadets..


Suspects Break into Home, Force Residents To Give Up Valuables Before Fleeing

L.A.P.D. Wilshire detectives report that a home invasion robbery occured on the 400 N. Block of Orlando Avenue between the late evening of Wednesday, July 9th and early morning July 10th...  

According to police, the suspects came to the back to door of the residence, gained entry -- surprised the elderly couple living there...One of the residents faked a heart attack while the suspects demanded valuables.  The other resident was forced to attempt to open a safe but was unsuccessful.. Frustrated, the suspects took the safe from the home, placed it into the residents vehicle - and fled the scene.

The suspects are described as two male blacks, around 5'11", 25-30 years old, one may have had short hair...

If you have any information about this crime, please contact LAPD Wilshire Division Detectives at (213) 922-8263.

For breaking news, access our twitter page at

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Another Stabbing Pegged to a Transient, Community Meeting Set for July 17

Reported by the Melrose Village Blog...July 8th, 2013 

The Beverly Press has reported that another stabbing has been attributed to a transient.

On June 21, a 27 year old male tourist from Pennsylvania was making a cell phone call in front of a store on Melrose Avenue near Laurel, when a transient rode by on a bike and stabbed the young man in the neck for no apparent reason.

According to LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza, “It doesn’t appear to be a robbery... The guy was bleeding profusely. The business employees called the police and paramedics took him to Cedars. They stabilized him and he is going to recover. It’s fortunate, because it easily could have gone the other way.”

This attack came just three days after a highly publicized incident in which a young woman was stabbed to death at Hollywood and Highland by a mentally ill transient with a long history of violent assaults. As we reported recently, that suspect also worked at the free meal line for transients held every night at the corner of Sycamore Avenue and Romaine Street, near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

In response to these violent assaults by mentally ill transients, Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch has scheduled a meeting about public safety for next Wednesday, July 17, at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held at Blu Jam Cafe, 7371 Melrose Avenue (between Martel and Fuller).

Download the Meeting Flyer HERE.

Our area L.A.P.D. Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos will be at the meeting. 

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LAPD Wilshire Discovers And Shuts Down Drug Lab In Area

Late Sunday Evening May 5th at around 11:30pm -- LAPD Wilshire Division responded to a 9-1-1 call in the 700 N. Block of Orange Grove avenue regarding a report of a potential kidnapping... During that investigation --- they discovered a operational DRUG LAB -- with first indications pointing to methamphetamine production.  One person was arrested at the scene and an investigation is ongoing.

It's possible more information about this crime will be discussed at our Meeting on Crime set for this Thursday, May 9th at Poinsettia Park.. See below for details.

If you have ANY information that may help in this investigation, please call LAPD Wilshire Detectives at (213) 922-8263...

Incident on 500 N Block of Spaulding

LAPD Wilshire Division is actively working an investigation on the 500 N. Block of Spaulding Avenue... One person died on that block, possibly of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Apparently it was an elderly gentlemen, a neighbor telling Melrose Action he was maybe 90 years old. For obvious reasons there is on going investigation, but it appears, appears not to be a crime.

Melrose Action Sponsors L.A. City Mayoral Debate

Download the official Invitation Here.