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Melrose Village Monthly Real Estate Market Update

RealEstateMarketUpdatePhotoBy Thomas Hilel, Realtor

The real estate market in Los Angeles as a whole has been quite strong as of late, continuing on a multi-year trend that started in mid 2012 when the market as a whole bottomed out and the activity in our neighborhood is providing some of the best evidence of that. Between developers looking for projects, investors on the hunt for rental properties and owner/users; demand remains quite strong.

The overall level of transactions is up compared to this time last year with no indication of a decline in the near future.  For those looking to sell or trade up, this represents a fantastic time to make a move.  Whether you are looking to cash out or simply use your equity to trade up into a larger property, your timing couldn’t be better, it seems that almost every transaction I am involved in has multiple offers and ends up selling at over the asking price.

For those looking to enter our market, excitement about all the new happenings has never been more pronounced, inventory remains tight, but serious buyers who are working with great agents (naturally) are still finding wonderful homes.  Historically low interest rates continue to make ownership affordable (relatively speaking), and the opening of Spartina and Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron’s Wolf add two more very exciting restaurants to the mix.

7722 CLINTON ST$820,000228102,251
7216 Waring AVE$750,000217292,475
7412 WARING AVE$982,500211,1203,626
735 N STANLEY AVE$1,279,500321,5006,298
506 N GARDNER ST$1,350,000211,4236,103
7514 CLINTON ST$1,295,000221,4362,846
439 N MARTEL AVE$1,500,000321,7866,999
724 N SPAULDING AVE$1,634,000321,7346,501
734 N GENESEE AVE$1,585,000231,4486,490
612 N SIERRA BONITA AVE$1,580,000432,0856,500
741 N ORANGE GROVE AVE$1,750,000321,9506,043
748 N DETROIT ST$2,650,000565,3216,666
635 N SIERRA BONITA AVE$2,800,000563,8105,851
635 N GARDNER ST$2,900,000453,3625,838
534 N STANLEY AVE$3,000,000454,3056,499
607 N CURSON AVE$3,210,000564,3396,500
538 N FULLER AVE$3,325,000454,6007,333

Contact Thomas Hilel via email here

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Homeowner From 800 N. Blk of Gardner St Suspected In West Hollywood Murder


Site of Murder in West Hollywood

A murder that occurred yesterday in West Hollywood on the 8500 Blk of Holloway Drive has a connection to the Melrose area.

The same suspect arrested in the murder is thought to be the same person also arrested on 5/20 in our area on suspicion of a felony rape that occurred in the 800 North block of Gardner Street. It appears he committed the murder while out on $100,000 bail in the rape case.

The suspect, Blake Leibel, 35, owns a home in the 800 N. Blk of Gardner St. Since purchasing the home on Gardner, neighbors say that police have been called several times to that location. Some thought the past police visits were related to domestic issues.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.54.32 PMOther neighbors say the Gardner home has recently become as a nuisance as a site of frequent late night parties — sometimes starting at 2 am or later.

A concerned neighbor living on that block recently circulated a flyer urging other neighbors to speak up and complain to police and the city attorney about the nuisance issues.  It’s not known if LAPD or the city attorney were taking any action as a result of complaints.

Neighbors tell us that they believe the suspect had been seen in the past breaking into the property on Gardner for unknown reasons.

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Don’t Get Hacked! LAPD Wilshire Issues Crime Alert About Your Car’s Keyless Remotes

A5-Locksmith-003.png.htmlHave you got a newer model car that uses these types of keyless car remotes to enter, lock, or even start your vehicles engine?



We doubt you’d be surprised to hear that criminals (of course) have figured out ways to hack into those remotes and get into your car with ease.  L.A.P.D. Wilshire Detectives recently issued a Crime Alert on this exploit.

Here’s some excerpts from a story that appeared in the magazine Wired about this new crime…

FOR YEARS, CAR owners with keyless entry systems have reported thieves approaching their vehicles with mysterious devices and effortlessly opening them in seconds. After having his Prius burgled repeatedly outside his Los Angeles home, the New York Times‘ former tech columnist Nick Bilton came to the conclusion that the thieves must be amplifying the signal from the key “fob” in the house to trick his car’s keyless entry system into thinking the key was in the thieves’ hand. He eventually resorted to keeping his keys in the freezer.

Now a group of German vehicle security researchers has released new findings about the extent of that wireless key hack, and their work ought to convince hundreds of thousands of drivers to keep their car keys next to their Pudding Pops. The Munich-based automobile club ADAC recently made public a study it had performed on dozens of cars to test a radio “amplification attack” that silently extends the range of unwitting drivers’ wireless key fobs to open cars and even start their ignitions!

The researchers say that 24 different vehicles from 19 different manufacturers were all vulnerable, allowing them to not only reliably unlock the target vehicles but also immediately drive them away!

“This clear vulnerability in [wireless] keys facilitates the work of thieves immensely”.“The radio connection between keys and car can easily be extended over 1000 feet, regardless of whether the original key is, for example, at home or in the pocket of the owner.” Apparently the attack device can be “had” for —are you ready for this — a mere $225.

Some of the manufacturers tested included BMW, Audi (A3, A4, A6), Ford, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Range Rover’s Evoque, Nissan, Kia, and apparently Tesla who issued a software update that may thwart these exploits.  It’s advised that you check with your perspective auto manufacturer to see if your model is vulnerable.

Soccer superstar David Beckham’s $100,000 BMW was stolen using these new exploits. Read about it here

Here’s a short video from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.. This video says that they don’t see evidence hackers can start and steal your car outright but that contradicts the German study cited in this article.

In the meantime, here’s some tips to protect yourself just in case. You can try to keep your keyless remote in the freezer of your refrigerator — BUT– be careful that it not damages your car’s remotes batteries. Always check with your car dealer first!  Or, you can purchase your own “Faraday” cages here on Amazon.

Whatever you do — read up about these exploits — in these articles.

Radio Attack Lets Hackers Steal 24 Different Car Models

Time to stash your keyless car-entry fob in with the frozen pork chops


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Residents Weigh In, Most Neighbors Say No To Planned CVS Store/Liquor Store – Results of Survey Says

On Novcvs-pharmacy-logoember 7th, Melrose Action sent nearly 700 residents in the Melrose Village area an electronic survey asking them their opinions on the proposed CVS Pharmacy / Liquor Store / Minute Clinic at Melrose and Gardner St.  The results show that 70% of neighbors don’t want the CVS, and 17% voted they support it unmitigated and as is,  while 13% voiced support for it with conditions imposed on it’s operation.  122 people took part in the survey.

Attend the hearing on this issue this Tuesday, November 17th at 9:00AM at Los Angeles City Hall Room 1070 (Map it Here). You can also email your own opinions directly to the Zoning Administrator assigned to this case by clicking gro.y1464673369tical1464673369@mil.1464673369nnaoj1464673369.  Copy and paste the following info into the subject line of your email “7500 Melrose Avenue  ZA 2015-3269-CUB”.  To be transparent, a copy of the full survey results with comments is available here for download.  

Here are some of the 46 comments the survey received.

–“It’s a small neighborhood area letting a big, and I MEAN BIG, chain come in. That sucks. But if it’s going to happen, then PLEASE let the hours that liquor can be sold cut off at a certain time, like 10 PM or 11 PM as opposed to 2 AM.”

–“The neighborhood would be better served by a business such as the one that intended to move in – Fresh & Easy. Although they are not an option now, a smaller grocery or food boutique would be better for the residents.”

–“A CVS on Melrose may help out other businesses. I am not sure it is fair to put conditions and limits on this store and not others who sell liquor as they also bring in the negative elements into the neighborhood. CVS sells other items that neighbors and merchants may need, for this reason I am okay with bring in this store.”

–“I feel that without fully restricting the sales of alcohol the community will be impacted with the negative effects of intoxicated individuals, especially transients, that will result in an increase of incidents that require additional police attention. This location is too close to an elementary school and park (both children and family oriented).”

–“We could use a cvs!! I wholeheartedly support this and think it unfortunate that homeowners would not want a great business we can walk to in the neighborhood just because of the alcohol sales. We have no where to go in walking distance to buy milk or eggs in our neighborhood. I hope The neighborhood associations do not fight this because of fear about the perceived increase in transient issues. This is an ideal vendor in an ideal and central location for outr community. Please see the upside potential of convenience for the community. The space is an eyesore and has been empty long enough. We really need this store. I drive to the cvs on vine in order to go to cvs — fighting this is short sighted and smacks of nimby fearmongering/“

–“There is no need for these types of stores in this area. To many CVS type stores already exist why here. Also I do no support large businesses here especially retail of this kind, kills the neighbourhood feel of small scale local retail. This will bring neighbourhood down.”

CVS SurveyCVS-Survey

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World Famous Melrose Avenue Landmark Closes It’s Doors

IMG_1106logo_JohnnyRocketsExclusive: Johnny Rockets, the last standing icon of the amazing 80’s era along Melrose Avenue has closed it’s original spot for good — Melrose Action has learned.

According to sources, employees were told early Monday Morning (October 26th) that the decision had been made to shutter the international chain’s very first store.

Crews removed all signage and employees were apparently offered positions at corporate locations that will remain open (Beverly Connection location is a franchise location).

Sources also say that Johnny Rockets could not come to “acceptable terms” with the property owner on a new lease and was faced with a hefty increase in rent.

The term “world famous” definitely applies when mentioning Johnny Rockets on Melrose as it lasted nearly 30 years at the corner of Melrose and Gardner where it opened on June 6th, 1986.

The corner of Melrose and Gardner is going through some big changes as a previously announced CVS Pharmacy store plans to open across the street while a brand new restaurant called “Spartina” opens soon next to Johnny Rockets.

Factoid from it’s website..

Ronn Teitelbaum, an award-winning men’s fashion retailer, launched the first Johnny Rockets on June 6, 1986, on Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles, California. He founded the concept on the belief that everyone deserves a place where they can escape from today’s complicated world and experience the uncomplicated goodness of classic Americana. The name originated by combining the timeless Johnny Appleseed story with the classic Oldsmobile Rocket 88. Together, they embody the concept of classic Americana and the promise of the future. Johnny Rockets operates more than 340 franchise and corporate locations in 26 countries around the world.


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Outdoor Meeting On Crime Wednesday Night at Poinsettia Park

The state of public safety at Poinsettia Park and the surrounding area will the focus of discussion at the upcoming Meeting On Crime this coming Wednesday October 14th at 7:30pm. (Map it Here) This is the first to be held outdoors (on the lawn adjacent to Willoughby Ave) and is the third in an ongoing series of “meet-ups” with our L.A.P.D Wilshire Station officers and commanders.  This meeting is in response to a growing chorus of neighbors who say that safety at Poinsettia has become an significant issue again. Our new senior lead officer Inga Wecker will be present to meet everyone. Please come welcome her to the area and take a moment to educate her to points of concern on crime and nuisance issues. LAPD Wilshire’s commander Howard Leslie is also expected to attend along with John Darnell, District Director for council member Paul Koretz. Complimentary coffee will be served from our supporter Melrose Umbrella Company. Help get the word out on this meeting. Share it on Facebook and NextDoor. To see the latest area crime maps, click here. For breaking news, follow us on Twitter @melroseaction.meetingatyourcornerflyer2015-flyer

Click here to download the flyer for the meeting..

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24-Hour CVS Pharmacy/Liquor Store Seeks To Open At Melrose & Gardner St



Melrose Action has learned that the long empty space at the southwest corner of Melrose Ave and Gardner St (see map) will become a CVS Pharmacy/Liquor store. According to sources, CVS is seeking a conditional use permit for a full “on-sale” Liquor license (6AM-2AM) along with 24-hour 7 days-a-week operating hours.  Additionally, we are told they plan to operate a “MinuteClinic” at the location. MinuteClinic is a division of CVS Health, the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States. Tell us what you think by adding your comments. Comments are for registered users of Melrose Action, not registered? Sign up by clicking Register Here. Please vote in our Poll below.

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Crime “Meeting At Your Corner” Continues At Poinsettia and Waring Wednesday Sept. 30 at 7PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.39.27 PMOur “Meeting At Your Corner” tour continues with it’s next stop this Wednesday, September 30th at 7PM — at the corner of Waring and Poinsettia Place. Come meet your local Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz, welcome L.A.P.D. West Bureau Deputy Chief Bea Girmala, your Commander for Wilshire Station Howard Leslie, and our L.A.P.D. Senior Lead Officer.  Nooshi Zahiri, our L.A. City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor will present to hear about your nuisance issues. This is your chance to express your public safety concerns!  Other special guests are expected.  Please attend.  Tell your neighbors..Free Coffee, Water and Snacks..See map location here >  Download and repost the official flyer to your neighborhood Facebook and NextDoor friends! Click here :  meetingatyourcornerflyer20152-flyer


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Melrose Action “Meeting At Your Corner” Kicks Off Wednesday Sept 16th at Corner of Waring and Curson Ave

Join us as we re-start our Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch “Meeting At Your Corner” Program This Wednesday, September 16th at 7:15PM!  The meeting will be at the corner of Waring Avenue and Curson Avenue.  Come out and meet — welcome our new (Interim) L.A.P.D.Senior Lead Officer Ray Moreno, L.A.P.D. Wilshire Commander Howard Leslie, along with other guests including our L.A. City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor Nooshi Zahiri, staff from Council Member Paul Koretz…and more!  This program is supported by the Melrose Business Improvement District! Grab a free water, coffee and cookies — courtesy of Melrose Action. Click here for Street View of Meeting Location, Click here for Google Map of Meeting Locationmeetingatyourcornerflyer2015-1

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Melrose Business Improvement District Hosts Free Breakfast This Sunday!

The Melrose Business Improvement District is hosting a Free Breakfast Mixer This Sunday for Melrose Area Residents!

If your a resident of the Melrose Area and want to find out about the Melrose B I D (Business Improvement District) and what’s happening to revitalize the street — then please come! Or, share your ideas!, You’re invited! RSVP Here!

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We Are Back!

After a 6 month break,  we are rebooting our Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch and our blog. We will be adding new content shortly.  While on a badly needed break, we’ve been waiting for the appointment of our new L.A.P.D. Senior Lead Officer.  As many of you know, Officer Art Gallegos was promoted to Sergeant and was transferred to the Pacific Division area back in April.  Approval to fill his position was only recently approved — so a new S.L.O. should be announced very soon. If you have questions, suggestions for stories or content, please email us at *protected email*!  Once a new SLO for our area is in place, we anticipate restarting our successful “Meetings at Your Corner” program.  Coming up will be our annual Melrose Action National Night Out at Poinsettia Park scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 – more details on that to come!



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Neighborhood Meeting Concerning Mega Mansions Announced

Click the Video Above – Mansionization Meeting Teaser

Scores of homes in and around our area are being bought up by developers and then torn down to make way for new houses — what many call Mega Mansions or Mc Mansions.  Teams of realtors that represent these developers knock on doors, leave letters and flyers offering cash for owners to sell their homes and fast for quick cash.

Realtors tell us that the land value for a 6000 sq ft. “lot”  around the Melrose Area is running about $1.2 million. We say “lot” because these developers have no use for the older homes at all.  The houses being built to replace the older homes go on the real estate market for about $2.6 to $3.5 million or higher even.  Streets such as the 700 N. Block of Vista Street just north of Melrose are seeing 3 -4 new homes being built on that one block alone.  This is not just endemic of our area.

Many neighbors are outraged by the size and scope of these new houses and are demanding they be stopped or at least scaled down to a size that better fits the area we live in. Not every neighbor is against these new houses however.  Some say that they are improving the neighborhood, raising property values, bringing in more tax revenue to the city and county, and finally offering change to an area that has been stagnant for 50 years or more.  Opponents say that these developers could care less about the giant houses they build saying it’s all about greed and that they use loopholes in building codes to construct the biggest house on the most squarefootage possible and profiting handsomely and care nothing about improving the neighborhood. Proponents say that these “Mega Mansions” bring needed change and upgrades to our area. The debate is on!

Melrose Action has set a “Meeting on Mansionization” to be held this Wednesday December 10th at 7:30 PM at Poinsettia Park Recreation Center in the Big Gym.  Click here for Map Location . Officials from the City Of Los Angeles will be there.  If you have an opinion on this matter, for or against them —  you are encouraged to attend.  The flyer for this meeting can be downloaded here.  Please help get the word out.  Repost to your Facebook, Twitter pages and tell your neighbors!

Parking Restrictions Relaxed For the Meeting

Council Member Paul Koretz has relaxed Parking Restrictions in the area around the meeting. The times of the lifted restrictions are from 5 PM – 9 PM ONLY on Wednesday December 10th, 2014.  What this means is that the area from La Brea Avenue west to Stanley Avenue (including Stanley Avenue), and Melrose Avenue north to the West Hollywood border you will be able to park in Preferential Parking District / Permit parking spaces, Passenger or School Bus Loading Zones (White Curb), Street Cleaning, Time Limit Restricted Parking (e.g. “2 Hour Parking”), and Time of Day Restrictions (e.g. “No Parking 10am – 12pm’) without being ticketed.  You will NOT be need to have a parking permit in the those areas within the designated zone listed above to park on a street with parking permit requirements. To be clear, this is only good on Wednesday December 10th, 2014 from 5 PM – 9 PM ONLY.  Thanks to Council member Paul Koretz and staff for arranging this.


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Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested At Apartment Building On Sierra Bonita

Detectives from L.A.P.D. Hollywood and West Bureau Division arrested a resident in the 300 N. Block of Sierra Bonita on Wednesday September 24th – sierrabonitasignsuspected of Sexual Assault of two, possibly three women.  sierrabonitacaseThe suspect — Melrose Action learned — was  said to be a 9 year resident in an apartment building on Sierra Bonita.  Apparently victims may, may have been residents of the same building or lured there through ads for apartments for rent.  This same suspect was accused of sexual assault in a older case out of Massachusetts  – but the suspect was ultimately found not guilty, neighbors say. If you have any information that may help this investigation, please contact the L.A.P.D. at 1-877-ASK-LAPD..  More later..

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Pilot Program Will Make It Easier for L.A.P.D. and Animal Services To Issue New Fines for Dogs Off Leash and “Other Quality-of-Life Offenses”

CIMG3329Dog owners beware. Likely starting a month from now, Los Angeles Police and L.A. City Animal Services officers will soon be able to issue new “citations” to people who commit offenses like urinating in public,dumping trash on public streets, or having your dogs off leash on city streets and parks.  Other violations could include drinking in public, using fireworks, and smoking in prohibited areas.

Spearheaded by L.A. City Council member Paul Koretz, the new pilot program called “Administrative Citation Enforcement” gives city departments like the L.A.P.D. and Animal Services the ability to bypass the traditional court related route that would result in court fines and/or appearances.

Koretz told the L.A.Times that officers were usually reluctant to “initiate” court cases for minor offenses hence making it difficult to enforce these Quality-of-life issues. “There is no good appropriate action with teeth,” said Koretz, who proposed the concept for the program which was approved by the council last year. For instance, people can ignore repeated warnings about walking their dogs off leash, he said. “The city just needs a little clout,” Koretz said. “This is one of the most frequent complaints we get: that the city doesn’t enforce its regulation — and it’s true.”

According to the L.A. Times — Under the program, most first offenses would be $250, the second $500 and the third $1,000. Fines for animal-related offenses begin at $100, then increase to $250 and then $500. In each incident, officers can still decide whether to issue a warning, a financial penalty or a criminal case.

The program, which is expected to generate $1.59 million in net revenue annually, still requires final approval from Mayor Eric Garcetti before it can go into effect. It is believed the Mayor will back the measure.

What do you think about this new enforcement?  Please post your comments below.

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Area Video Crime Report For Week Ending 8/30/2014

To View Our Area Video Crime Report – Click Here

FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY AUGUST 30, 2014. There were 7 reported crimes this week, down from 12 last crime reporting period.  To see crime map Click Here

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 300 block N La Cienega Blvd – Saturday, August 23 – 10:30 am
Suspect attempted to stun victim with a stun gun as victim pushed suspect out of a business
-Suspect: Male, other descent, brown hair, brown eyes, 5’10”, 200 lbs, 42 years old

BURGLARY: 800 block N Vista St – Tuesday, August 26 – 12:30 pm
Suspects knocked on front door of residence, when no one answered, suspects smashed rear window with a rock. Suspects fled when they heard occupant inside.
-Suspect 1: Male Hispanic, 6’00”, 215 lbs, 25 to 30 years old
-Suspect 2: Male Hispanic, 5’10”, 160 to 170 lbs, 25 to 30 years old

Burglary: 8000 block Melrose Ave – Thursday, August 28 – 1:45 am
Suspects smashed front glass door of business with a rock, entered, and removed clothing
-Suspect 1: Male Black, black hair, brown eyes, 170 to 200 lbs, 20 to 30 years old
-Suspect 2: Male Black, 170 to 200 lbs, 20 to 30 years old

Theft: La Cienega Blvd / Beverly Blvd -Monday, August 25 – 5:00 pm
Victim left a backpack and keys in the suspect’s vehicle and the suspects drove away
-Suspect 1: Male Black, black hair, brown eyes, 6’00”, 150 lbs, 20 years old
-Supsect 2: Male Black, black hair, brown eyes, 5’08”, 160 lbs
-Suspect Vehicle: Gold 2005 Buick

Theft: 7800 block Melrose Ave -Tuesday, August 26 – 11:50 pm
Suspect grabbed victim’s unattended cellphone from on top of a table

Theft: 7600 block Melrose Ave -Friday, August 29 – 9:00 pm
Suspect removed clothing from inside a business, threw items at employee, and fled with the clothing

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Meeting on Crime and Traffic To Be Held At Corner of Harper and Waring Av. Wednesday

Our second “Meeting At Your Corner” will take place Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 at 7:15pm at the corner of Harper Avenue and Waring Avenue… The meeting is hosted by the L.A.P.D. Wilshire Station, our L.A.P.D. Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos, and Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch.

LAPD Wilshire CPThe LAPD Wilshire Mobile Command Post will be on hand along with Command Staff from the station plus officials from Council member Paul Koretz’ office and our local L.A. City Attorney’s Neighborhood Prosecutor.  A member of the L.A.P.D. Traffic Division has been invited to answer concerns about speeding, stop signs, etc.

Click here for Meeting Location on Map

If you have concerns about crime and traffic in our area, please attend this meeting. This is your chance to speak directly to your local police officers and commanders. Check back here for more locations of a “Meeting At Your Corner” soon.Melroseactionmeetingatyourcornerflyer  2

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Shooting at Gardner St & Santa Monica Blvd Tied To Other Shootings & Murders, Killing of Dogs in Valley Rampage

Last Friday August 27th at around 11pm…

The West Hollywood attack was reported at 11 p.m. Friday in 1000 N. Blk. of Gardner Street just south of Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles County (West Hollywood) Sheriff’s officials said.

The Los Angeles Times reported… “On Friday, a couple driving home Friday from Universal City (South on Highland Avenue then turned west on Santa Monica Bl) noticed a tan or gold SUV alongside them, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Bowman said. They briefly lost sight of the vehicle, but later saw the SUV driving behind them with its lights off, Bowman said.

The sheriff’s official statement of the incident is as follows..

“As the victims [then] drove eastbound westbound on Santa Monica Boulevard (from Highland Ave), they lost sight of the suspect’s SUV. As the victims continued to drive, they noticed the suspect’s SUV directly behind them, driving with the headlights off. The victims turned left onto Gardner Street from Santa Monica Boulevard, when the suspect’s SUV drove next to the victim’s vehicle passenger side and fired three rounds from a shotgun. The victims were not injured from the gunfire nor from the shattered glass from the blown out rear window.

The victim’s vehicle sustained significant damage by gunfire which resulted in a blown out rear window and damage to the bed of the truck.”

What’s troubling is that this same suspect has now been linked to several murders and heinous incidents over the past week..

• Wednesday morning,  a 42-year-old woman was seriously wounded as she got off the 5 Freeway in Atwater Village

• Thursday,   Gildardo Morales, 48, was found dead, slumped over the wheel of his truck at a Pacoima intersection after leaving a Home Depot store, his engine still running – for no apparent reason.

• Friday  – the shooting on Gardner and Santa Monica Blvd.

• Saturday – this same suspect is believed to have shot three dogs  – two of which are known dead – in the Pacoima area.

• Sunday –  6 a.m., when a 23-year-old woman was killed and her parents critically injured in San Fernando while they were driving to church in the San Fernando Valley.

• Sunday – At 6:35 a.m., a 29-year-old man walking near the Sylmar Recreation Center was shot and killed. Ten minutes later, a woman — identified by relatives as Gloria Esperanza Tobar, 59 — was gunned down in Pacoima as she was waiting for a friend before church.

The Los Angeles Police Department continued Wednesday to investigate links between a Sylmar man and a series of shootings that left four people dead and several others wounded.

Calling him a  “serial killer,” authorities on Tuesday charged  Alexander Hernandez with murder and attempted murder in some of the cases.

LAPD officials said they believe Hernandez acted alone and was randomly shooting people on local streets and freeways. Investigators have yet to determine a motive, saying Hernandez had been uncooperative with detectives since his arrest late Sunday.

Very scary.

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LAPD Wilshire & Melrose Action Kick Off Meeting At Your Corner Tonight

Members of the Los Angeles Polmeetingatyourcornerlogo
ice Department’s Wilshire Station together with Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch will hold it’s first “Meeting At Your Corner” tonight, Wednesday August 27th at 7:30pm.

Residents are encouraged to gather at the corner of Waring Avenue and Curson Avenue and share their concerns about crime or incidents that have occurred in the area.  LAPD Wilshire will be bringing it’s mobile command post vehicle to the area for the meeting. Our newly appointed Neighborhood Prosecutor will also be on hand to answer questions.

On hand will be our Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos, John Darnell from Council member Paul Koretz’ office, LAPD Wilshire Captain Eric Davis, and others.

Melroseactionmeetingatyourcornerflyer  2


This meeting will be the first in a series that will take place throughout the area over the next few months at various street corners.  The next meeting date and location will be updated soon.

Map location of the meeting Click HereScreen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.25.21 AM

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Area Video Crime Report For Week Ending 8/16/2014

Click in the window above to see our Area Crime Report for week ending 08/16/2014.

Here is the latest LAPD Wilshire Area Crime Report for week ending 08/16/2014. There were 12 crimes reported this week, 7 reported last week.


We had two home Burglaries – One occurring on Wednesday 11PM @ 400 N. Poinsettia Pl  and the other on Monday August 11th at 7:20am 800 N Stanely…


2 Occurred on Fairfax Avenue and 1 on La Brea and Clinton St

BTFV (5) Burglary Theft from Vehicle

* See Area Crime Map


Melrose Avenue and Martel @ 07:30 Sunday August 10th

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (0)


Theft – 400 N. Blk Poinsettia Pl –  Friday 08/15/2014

To see this weeks crime map, click here

If you have any information about these crimes, please call the L.A.P.D. Wilshire Detectives Desk at (213) 922-8263

Meeting At Your Corner • Wednesday • August 27th • 7:30p • Waring Avenue and Curson Avenue

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Neighborhood Watch Meeting Plans Announced

Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch and the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Station have announced plans for “Meetings at Your Corner”.. The new concept has neighborhood watch meetings being held at various street corners in our coverage area usually on Wednesday evenings during the fall season. Neighbors and merchants around the area of the meeting are encourages to join.  If you feel a “Meeting at your Corner” is needed drop us an email at *protected email*.

The location of the first meeting at your corner will be on Wednesday, August 27th at 7:30 pm at the southwest corner of Waring Avenue and Curson Avenue.  Map of location is here.

Download the announcement here.


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Area Video Crime Report 8/02 – 8/09/2014

Click the window above to see Area Crime Report Video.

Here is the latest LAPD Wilshire Area Crime Report for week ending 08/09/2014. There were 7 crimes reported this week.


We had two home Burglaries – One occurring on 300 N. Kings Rd just south of Oakwood and the other on 900 N Orlando and Willoughby…

BTFV (3) Burglary Theft from Vehicle

500 N. Hayworth Avenue  – Wednesday – 8/06/2014

Beverly and Hayworth – Saturday – 8/09/2014

700 N. Alta Vista Street – Thursday – 8/07/2014


As seen in Area Crime Report Video – Clinton and Sierra Bonita – Tuesday 6/17/2014 – Susp approached victim with a handgun and demanded property. Susp took electronic device and waist bag.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (1)

600 Blk. of N. Curson Wednesday 8/09/2014


Theft – Melrose Avenue at Edinburgh –  Tuesday 08/5/2014

To see this weeks crime map, click here

If you have any information about these crimes, please call the L.A.P.D. Wilshire Detectives Desk at (213) 922-8263

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BREAKING: Dead Body Discovered in Parking Lot on 300 N Blk of Fairfax

We just received word that a body has been discovered in the parking lot next to Canter’s Deli... Not known yet if a homicide, suicide, or…. more later… Updates on our Twitter feed at

UPDATE: LAPD Wilshire now says that body discovered in the parking lot adjacent to Canter’s Deli Update: Adjacent to Plan Check Restaurant on Fairfax may have been a local known transient, apparently may have fallen and hit head etc… more later. Found in the 300 N. Block of Fairfax…
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.54.58 PM

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Free Neighborhood Event – National Night Out Coming Up Tuesday August 5th!

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Station and Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch bring you our 7th Annual National Night Out at Poinsettia Park!  It’s Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at Poinsettia Park (Located Here) from 5pm-8pm. It’s free and all are welcomed!!

• Blu Jam Cafe (Melrose)
• Plan Check (Fairfax)
• Village Idiot (Melrose)
• Hutchinson Cocktails and Grill (Opening This Fall On La Cienega)
• The Oinkster! (On Vine)
• Glow Bio (Balanced Inside Out) – By Kimberly Synder
• Bird N Hand (On Fairfax)
• Blaze Pizza (Farmers Market Grove)
• Eric Greenspans Grilled Cheese (Melrose)
• Just Food For Dogs (Fairfax)
• Pinks Hot Dogs (La Brea)
• Trader Joes West Hollywood
• Free Trees!
• Pet Adoption
• JQ Yoga by Johanna Quintero
• Tailwaggers
• Mid City West
• LAPD Wilshire
• LAPD West Traffic
• Melrose Business Improvement District
• Los Angeles Neighborhood Prosecutor Program
• Wilshire Community Police Council
• Target Stores (City Target – Beverly Connection)
• Live DJ Frank Marvel – Marvel Productions
• Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch
• and more to come! Surprise guests!

All items for giveaway are on a first come, first serve basis. All our supporters graciously donate their time and products and we thank them all for their support and efforts!

For more information on National Night Out, please click here

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New Construction Lifts Home Prices, Property Values Continue To Rise

RealEstateBy Joan Fitzpatrick
Area Real Estate Agent

Summer is here and so is our brand new monthly real estate update for the Melrose/Fairfax/Beverly Corridor. I’m thrilled to be writing this new feature for Melrose Action and look forward to sharing more great information in future editions.  Look for my updates around the 1st of each month.

Times are changing…It used to be that west of Fairfax was a highly desirable area to buy a home, but no longer. Current trends are showing that east of Fairfax is really starting to flourish with new restaurants, shops, and new construction. As you are probably aware, there are a number of properties being acquired for re-construction of brand new homes. Currently, there are 20 or more new construction sites around the area and at least five or more remodels underway. In my experience, these new homes will greatly improve the area over time and lift land values overall. These rebuilds are replacing homes that, in many instances, are badly in need of repair and have, in fact, hurt overall home prices rather than help them.

New construction has added $300,000 to $400,000 more for land value alone. It is a huge windfall for the home owners, and unexpected. Builders are paying $1,150,000 – $1,300,000 for land value alone, unprecedented in our area. While some have expressed distaste for the modern architectural lines used in design of some of the new homes, there are some that include a california spanish style as well. These new homes will likely sell for between $2.5 – $3.0 million dollars!! Overall I think the abundance of newly constructed homes will be a long term positive for real estate values and the area in general.

Here’s some data from recently sold homes from January to June 2014. Please note there have been some sold homes not on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). I’d also like to point out that there are many homes now in escrow and are not listed here.

AddressSale PriceBed+BathLot SizeDate Sale
832 N Sierra Bonita$1,222,0003+2 6300 lotSold 6/9/14
823 N Gardner $1,150,0003+2 6503 lotSold 5/16/14
733 N Gardner $1,300,0003+2 6500 lotSold 5/12/14
732 N Fuller $1,291,8753+2 7400 lotSold 5/1/14
720 N Alta Vista Bl $1,190,0004+27699 lotSold 3/26/14
717 N Sierra Bonita $1,239,0003+2 5200 lotSold 4/30/14
642 N Laurel $2,500,0004+5 6531 lotSold 3/31/1
621 N La Jolla $2,965,0004+46549 lotSold 3/7/14
617 N Fuller $3,000,0005+68231 lotSold 1/10/1
607 N Curson $1,280,0002+2 6500 lotSold 5/28/14
560 N Orlando $1,100,0003+25749 lotSold 3/17/14
538 N Harper $2,495,0004+44855 lotSold 3/10/14
514 N Flores $1,218,5003+24587 lotSold 3/7/14
453 N Sweetzer $2,360,0005+5.55855 loSold 4/20/14
414 N La Jolla $2,550,0004+6 6587 lotSold 3/5/14
410 N Alfred $1,899,0004+46965 lotSold 3/24/14
141 N Gardner $1,610,0003+2 5984 lotSold 1/14/14
127 N Gardner $1,340,0003+4 5984 lotSold 2/27/14
122 N Alta Vista Bl $1,789,0003+2 7699 lotSold 2/14/14
AddressList PriceBed+BathLot SizeNew Construction
360 N Harper$2,950,0004+46145Yes
419 N Laurel$2,395,0006+66553
854 N Orlando$4,495,0003+412432Yes
316 N La Jolla$1,195,0002+ 26549
901 N Laurel$2,749,0005+66602Yes
7658 Willoughby$672,5002+12543
823 N Vista$1,4450007+46204
750 N Fuller$1,149,0003+24400
843 N Genesee$2,600,0004+46500Yes

A brand-new 9 unit apartment building just finished construction at 843 N Fuller Avenue and has just been listed for sale at $6,250,0009. The rental units are offered from $3250 for 2 beds and $4,000 for 3 beds.

Some of you may have heard that a BID (Business Improvement District) has been formed along Melrose Avenue between Fairfax Av and Highland Av. This is a positive for the area and will go a long way in building towards a higher level of retail establishments, hence improving the desirability of the area and property values along with it.

On another note I know many of you are wonderful pet owners like myself. The area of Melrose Village is becoming a popular name for a very walkable, dog friendly area. If you have a pet and are looking for pet friendly apartment space you might try the building at 1030 N. Curson. It allows dogs, and so many pet owners live there. My heart breaks when I hear that so many people have to give up their pets because places of residence won’t allow pets. I think the trend is moving towards more pet friendly living spaces because they don’t do any harm at all, and I speak from experience, as I have rented out my duplex to dog and cat owners for the last 12 years.

Lost and Found: I recently rescued two tiny 1 lb. kittens that were so sick. One lost her eye. The vet bills are no fun, but if it means saving the poor babies and taking them out of their misery – starving on the street, how can we not? They are now fostered, thanks to Eryn Elliot and her quick response in helping me with the rescue. If you are looking for a cat or kitten, please let me know.

Are you curious about income properties in the area? Look for more in our next month’s post along with updates to listings and sales.

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